How Many Shoes Do You Have?

by May 23, 2020Lifestyle

What do you think people look at First?

Your Feet or your Face?

If you are like most people, you probably have more than 1 pair of shoes…but do you have more than 1 pair of glasses?

Every situation in life, each activity or even the changing weather, all require different things from our eyes.

Naturally, there are several good reasons why you should consider acquiring at least one or more additional pairs of glasses based on your personal needs, for example:- occupation, leisure time activities or fashion preferences.

1.Accidents happen with glasses!

Just imagine what would happen if you ever lost or broke your glasses. What would you do without them?

2. Fashion Accessories

Designer glasses are accessories too! Think about that pair of shoes you brought and had to find the perfect outfit for it later, why not the same for your glasses? A different pair of glasses for a special occasion or even just a change of look is one of those little luxuries that enhance your personal style.

3. Sports Glasses

Sports glasses are great tools for professional and amateur athletes. They provide safety, protection and perfect vision, regardless of whether you are looking for sunglasses, golf glasses or goggles to wear in the water.

4. Computer Glasses

Do you work on a computer all day? If so, you are the perfect candidate for progressive lenses. They are perfect for people who do computer work and make long days at the office much easier on your eyes.

5. Sunglasses

UV protection should definitely be on your shopping list for a second pair of glasses.  Sunglasses provide all round protection from the sun for your eyes and the area of surrounding skin. Sunglasses can be customized to your prescription with polarized or graduated tint available. You may also consider an indoor/outdoor solution with lenses that adjust with changing light conditions like Transitions.

6. Recreational Glasses

Whenever you’re engaged in your favourite activity, make sure you can see well – regardless of whether you are crafting, knitting or crocheting, reading or working in the garden. A pair of glasses that suit your eyes needs make the things you enjoy so much more delightful.