Safety Glasses

Eyres & PSG Safety Eyewear

Safety Glasses

Through the use of the latest technology, Burgun & Williams are able to offer a range of superior protection for your eyes combining all of the key design features in safety, sport and fashion sunglasses into a superior range of protective eye wear.

Optimum vision, ultimate protection along with the comfort and fit are the key characteristics of a quality safety frame.

For those outdoors in a harsh environment, the only thing that counts is getting the job done in a safe efficient manner. Precision is everything whilst being able to focus on each task. Just as specialised tools are tuned to the job’s specific task, the eye wear also needs to be customised to allow the maximum positive results and achievement.

When do you need to wear eye protectors?

Most eye injuries are preventable. Eye injuries can result in vision loss, which can even be permanent. Grinding and welding are the two most common tasks that result in eye injuries, although a wide range of jobs from Gardening, Carpentry and Dental to Building, Mining and Manufacturing require eye protection.
EYRES is a world leader in developing, constructing and distributing advanced eye protections for a number of industries including, Industrial, Mining, Sports, Military, Law enforcement and Emergency services, just to name a few!

Why EYRES are better

EYRES Australia’s low impact & medium impact eye wear ranges are covered and are compliant with Australian safety standards & certifications. Their range includes Prescription solutions for Plano, Single vision, Transitions, Polarized, Bifocal and Progressive. Features include; Shatterproof Poly carbonate lenses, 99% UV protection, Wrap around style, Protection against impact, particles, glare & wind, scratch resistance.

EYRES Polarized eyes protector sunglasses block 100% of all ultraviolet light – UVA, UVB, UVC. The technology allowing the safest, clearest and glare free protection from sunlight.

Additional features in the EYRES range include water repellent, polarized, anti-fog, floating and flexible.