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Since 1978 Oakley has led the way in maximising lens style and technical performance. Oakley offers a comprehensive line of RX specific frames and corrective sunglasses that are recognised as some of the best prescription optics available. The company’s prescription lenses are offered in a full spectrum of colours, polarization options and performance coatings. oakley.com

Face a Face

Face à Face

Like an architect, Face à Face works with volumes, shapes, materials, colours and textures to give its glasses the power to express the personality of their wearer, whether that be bold, carefree, energetic, independent or even seductive. Each new collection is preceded by a research and design stage, resulting in new styles enhanced by innovative concepts and incorporating the latest in fashion.

Over the last 19 years, this exclusive collection is renowned for its creativity and its “Made in France” quality. Faceaface-Paris.com

Gucci sunglasses


Gucci is a luxury fashion brand that was founded in 1906 by Italian businessman and fashion designer Guccio Gucci.

The Gucci brand represents the epitome of luxury, an exclusive brand that reflects an elegant lifestyle. Frames are made using the highest quality materials and offer distinctive shapes enriched with historic icons that celebrate the House of Gucci.


Prada eyewear


Designed and manufactured in Italy, Prada eyewear is synonymous with opulence and quality. Defined by its strong personality and style, Prada works with distinctive, exclusive detail representing quintessential Italian style and substance.
The Prada eyewear collection is best recognised by its unique shapes and design. Prada Eyewear offers styling that is both bold & dramatic crafted to the highest quality standards. prada.com

Blackfin Titanium Eyewear


Known to the world as a masterpiece of engineering, technology & design, each piece undergoes over one hundred processes. Handmade & designed in Italy, Blackfin is made materials of absolute lightness & incredible strength. These materials include medical-grade thermoplastic & Japanese titanium which is the world’s purest titanium, making it as tough as steel & weighing 40% less. Japanese titanium is known to be twice as strong as aluminium.

With each frame featuring its own profile, no two frames are the same. Blackfin is known as a revolution in style & the very concept of elegance. blackfin.eu/



Made in Austria, with timeless and pure designs that defy fashion trends. Silhouette introduced their Titan Minimal Art in 1999, a rimless titanium frame that allows eyewear to be customised to your personal individual need and style. Silhouette’s philosophy in every model is “less is more”, so that the individuals face is the focus not the glasses. Using high-tech titanium alloy, frames are incomparably light weight, flexible and virtually maintenance free. silhouette.com/au

Ray Ban

Ray Ban

Founded in 1937, Ray-Ban is known for their wayfarer & aviator lines of sunglasses. In 1936, the Ray-Ban aviator was established to benefit the aviation industry. This model features green lenses to cut out the glare without obscuring vision. It also reduces the distraction of the intense blue & white hues of the sky.

Ray-Ban has since continued to innovate through the fashion & sporting industries.  Featuring timeless designs, Ray-Ban puts each wearer at the center of attention using their iconic designs. Incorporating cutting0edge materials such as thermoplastic in the lightforce model, Ray-Ban has paved the way for innovation in strength & flexibility. ray-ban.com/australia

Maui Jim

Maui Jim

Maui Jim offers a selection of durable, lightweight polarized sunglasses that allow you to see the world in truly vibrant, glare free colour.

Maui Jim designed the Polarized plus2 technology that goes beyond shielding your eyes from glare & harmful UV rays. The technology allows for maximum enhancement of the world’s true vivid colours.

Maui Jim lenses are made from super thin glass that is 32% thinner & lighter than standard glass & offers the best scratch resistance. Maui evolution technology features, lightweight & scratch & shatter resistance of polycarbonate while offering a much higher optical clarity. mauijim.com/au/

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

Designed and manufactured in Milan Italy, Dolce & Gabbana eyewear is a fusion of passion, tradition and sensuality. Defined by its strong personality and style, Dolce & Gabbana works with distinctive, exclusive detail representing quintessential Italian style and substance.
The Dolce & Gabbana eyewear collection combines a rich heritage with modern appeal. Dolce & Gabbana Eyewear offers styling that is both sophisticated & classic crafted to the highest quality standards using both acetate and metal alloy materials. dolcegabbana.com

Coco Song


Valley is a world of contrasting narratives, featuring stylistically complex & contradicting designs. The brand’s vision is designed to enhance the wearer’s own identity & personal style. Founded in 2011, the independent label has built a reputation on pushing the boundaries of fashion eyewear.

Creators Michael Crawley & wife Tenielle brought Valley to life in a tiny garage studio on the East Coast of Australia. Fast forward to today & their brand has become an international label synonymous with quality & style. Each piece in the Valley collection is individually crafted by hand then rigorously checked against the highest standards. Made from the finest metals such as titanium & only the best vintage, one-off painstakingly hand selected acetates, Valley eyewear features the best-in-class trims. These include French nickel-plated Comotec or O.B.E hinge, both with lock-tight screws for longevity.


Tom Ford

Tom Ford

Inspired by shapes from the 1950’s & 1970’s, The Tom Ford collection highlights bold & clean-cut volumes. The styles are characterised by fine combinations of acetate & metal, making each piece unique & instantly recognisable.

The new collection is inspired by two specific concepts. Refined minimalism- concentrating on essential designs, timeless shapes & premium materials. Precious combinations- featuring unique mixes of acetate & metal, technological innovation & unexpected design solutions such as the iconic “T” logo & the famous infinity symbol. The latest collection features new colour palettes, reflecting the latest fashion trends.

The Tom Ford optical collection includes ready-to-wear glasses with blue block lenses. These lenses help prevent & reduce eye strain caused by prolonged exposure to blue light emitted from digital devices. Both the optical & sunglass range mimic each other with similar details, shapes & the brand’s timeless elegance.



Designed & manufactured in Denmark, Prodesign eyewear celebrated understated creative designs. Prodesign features titanium & acetate made from 90% cotton, making each frame hypo-allergenic & lightweight. This ensures your frame looks newer for longer & provides all day comfort.

The creative tem of Prodesign are all graduates from the Aarhus School of Architecture. The team pride themselves on pushing the boundaries of form & function by creating innovative solutions. Founded in 1973 by opticians, Prodesign have ensured each piece incorporates the Scandinavian heritage in their designs.



Struktur is handmade in France from a team of passionate women and men in a factory in Normandy.
The factory has fulfilled almost 80 steps to produce the frames which are a result of over 50 years of creation and craftmanship.

AM Eyewear

AM Eyewear

Founded in 2003 out of a love for old school frames that were difficult to find in Australia, AM Eyewear has grown rapidly from a young upstart into a cult brand respected

Around the globe. Sourcing materials across Europe and the far east, including Japanese titanium, sustainably sourced Indian buffalo horn, aeronautical aluminium, and Italian

Acetate, AM pride themselves on designing truly handcrafted eyewear from start to finish.


LA Eyeworks

LA Eyeworks

Created in Los Angeles by designers and former opticians Barbara Reynolds and Gai Gherardi, L.A Eyeworks have distinguished themselves by creating something new and different

From usual eyewear. Recognised for their bold shapes, imaginative handling of materials and expressive use of colour, L.A Eyeworks encourages people to: ‘Stop looking and start seeing’.


Woow eyewear


Created as a collection under FACE A FACE, WOOW has grown into a strong individual brand for the young and bold. Characterized by bright colours and a variety of shapes, the metal and acetate frames

Ae chic and fun. Friendly and uplifiting messages adorn the temple tips to give the wearer a modest ‘pick-me-up’ every time they pop on their glasses.

Woow glasses focus on design, flair and trend rather then technical details, resulting in light-hearted, uncomplicated eyewear.

Oroton Sunglasses Australia


Oroton Sunglasses Australia is a luxury eyewear brand that offers a range of high-quality sunglasses featuring classic designs and premium materials. Oroton are perfect for fashion-forward individuals who appreciate timeless elegance and sophistication.

Oroton is synonymous with craftsmanship, accessible luxury and a unique Australian sense of beauty.


Bottega Veneta Sunglasses

Bottega Veneta

Founded in 1966, Bottega Veneta is part of an Italian tradition that appreciates artisanal styles, unrivalled craftmanship and designs that are distinctive and desirable.

Frames such as pared-back aviator silhouettes and vintage-esque cat eye styles are adorned with subtle metal accents which keep frame designs truly timeless.


Saint Laurent Eyewear

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Eyewear embodies timeless Parisian style. The glasses exhibit the brand’s rich heritage alongside designs given a contemporary update.

Eyewear arrives in timeless black styles or neon pinks, complete with logo branding.