Eye Examinations

Every eye examination includes a thorough assessment of both your vision and your eye health. We are committed to providing the highest quality of eye care and offer digital retinal photography as a standard part of all eye tests.


10 Reasons for an Eye Examination:

  1. Most eye disease have no symptoms.
  2. Family Hitory – Many eye conditions are genetically linked.
  3. Systemic Disease Affects the Eye – Hypertension, diabetes and chronic diseases often damage the circulation of the eye.
  4. Prevention is Better than Cure – Eye disease damage can be permanent. Fortunately, many conditions can be prevented if detected at an early stage.
  5. Environmental Concerns – Environmental conditions such as computer use, UV exposure and smoking can all play a role in affecting the human eye and vision system.
  6. Vision is Our Most Important Learning Sense – A child’s learning is 80% visual. Therefore it is highly recommended that all children be seen before 4 years of age to rule out any ocular development problems at an early stage.
  7. Prescription Drugs Can Affect Your Eyes –  Many drugs can cause side effects or discomfort to the eyes thereby necessitating regular ocular monitoring.
  8. Contact Lens Wearers – Contact Lenses can cause subtle changes to the cornea. Contact lenses should be inspected on a regular basis to determine their integrity and wearing safety.
  9. Previous Surgical Patients – Patients who have had cataract, retinal or laser correction surgery require close monitorinf for future changes to the eye tissue.
  10. Maintain Clear, Comfortable and Efficient Vision – The human eye is a finely tuned instrument, a wonder of nature’ that requires expert attention on a regular basis.