Comprehensive Dry Eye Assessment

Do you suffer with dry eyes?

Dry eye is a chronic condition that causes inadequate wetting of the eye which affects about one third of Australian adult and half of those aged over the age of 50.

One of the leading causes of Dry eye is our environment. Dry or windy weather, heaters & air-conditioning may cause tears to evaporate.

Those affected complain of many symptoms such as; discomfort with itchy, burning, gritty, watery, general discomfort and blurry vision.

Dry eye is the most common condition we see in our consulting rooms. Because of this, we have invested in the latest specialized equipment to aid in the diagnosis and management of dry eyes. Tony & Josh acquired two new instruments to help diagnose & manage dry eye, which are used in a comprehensive dry eye assessment.

The Keratograph is used to examine the meibomian glands, non-invasive tear film break-up time and the tear meniscus height measurement and evaluating the lipid layer. The “Eye-Light” system uses IPL (intense pulsed light) in the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), stimulating the meibomian glands and helps them to recover their function.