Frame Your Face 2024

by Jul 4, 2024Community, Events

Frame Your Face 2024

We have no say when it comes to the aging process but to embrace it.

The way we perceive ourselves changes and we become our own harshest critics.

We think it is important to remind women to appreciate their beauty in all the different stages of life.

Our campaign “Frame Your Face” is built on promoting this message.

We want to recognize the powerhouse women of Dubbo & the central west, who support our local community in various areas of charity, arts and business.

The women who are confident contributors in the community, poised and comfortable in their own skin.

We have asked these women to get out of their comfort zones and put themselves into the limelight.

Showcasing these women in a large portrait photograph and to tell us their stories is not something most people are comfortable in doing.

Introducing Linda Christof, Jen Cowley, Molly Croft, Emily Stanton, Jo Crowley, Laura Dunkley, Kate Wade & Jane Diffey.

We held a special cocktail event to showcase the series of photo portraits of  these fabulous women at The Western Plains Cultural Centre on Wednesday 8th May. During this evening we had the honor of giving these ladies the opportunity to tell us why they are passionate about their work.

We have asked a series of questions to listen to what these women have to say.

  • The Why
  • The rewards
  • The challenges
  • Imparting words of wisdom

We want to celebrate, appreciate, promote and build awareness in our community.

And to say “Thank you”

We have shared the unedited interviews and individual portraits on our Facebook page to share with our community.