Bespoke Eyewear

When attention to detail shows

A piece of eyewear is just not an accessory; it provides the first hint of an individuals personality

Inspired eyewear Face a Face

Inspired by French Culture

Born & designed in Paris, Face a Face has become an individual and contemporary reference in French eyewear. Always audacious and “Avant-Garde”, a mastery of colours and dramatic shapes.

Inspired by modern art and architecture, to be unique and full of personality, the Face a Face collection is designed and assembled by skilled craftsman in France & Italy.

Attention to Detail

Face A Face eyewear offers styling that is both sophisticated & classic, crafted to the highest quality standards.

Face A Face frames require over 12 months to design an exclusive materials & a further 4 months to deliver the finished frame. With the use of high quality acetate made from 90% cotton & titanium metal, each frame is hypo-allergenic & lightweight. These materials ensure durability & all day comfort. Each frame expresses itself through a unique colour range with an exclusive Face A Face trademark.

Burgun and Williams Stock the Exclusive Coco Song Eyewear Collection

Paying homage to the golden age of Chinese culture and art combined with the attention to detail of Italian design. It originates from the desire to surprise with its use of unusual materials such as feathers, silks, laquers and pressed flowers encased in the frame materials.

Coco Song Eyewear


Every component of these frames is hand-made down to each fine detail, meticulously crafted and blended together.

By nature Coco Song frames are limited editions, which adds a certain mystique. The frames ar made of the best Italian acetate and are enhanced with Lacquers, Silk and even Feathers, which gives them their unique 3-dimensional layering effect.