All Frame Repairs

We have exceptional follow up services including courtesy calls, frame cleaning and adjustments. Nosepad and screw replacements are available at any time.

We recommend having your spectacles serviced every 6 months to ensure optimum comfort and vision. No appointment is necessary.

Caring for your Spectacles:

  • Cleaning dirty lenses:

    Never wipe your lenses when they are dry. We recommend rinsing them under water or using a lens spray to remove abrasive particles that could scratch them. Polish your lenses with a tissue ( not one containing aloe vera) or a lens cloth.

  • Storing your glasses:

    In order to protect your spectacles, always keep them in a spectacle case when they are not being used. Avoid putting them in your pocket or handbag without putting in case first to avoid scratching lenses and bending frame.

  • Putting on and taking off your spectacles:

    Always hold your glasses with two hands when taking on and off. This will minimise the risk of misadjusting the frame or loosening the hinge. When not wearing your glasses, never put them down lens side first to avoid damaging the lenses.

  • Maintaining the temperature of your spectacles:

    Never expose your glasses to temperatures above 60’C. The heat could warp the frame, loosen the lenses or damage the lens coatings.