Contact Lenses prescription & Cosmetic

New levels of comfort and convenience have dramatically changed the way we wear contact lenses. Today, it’s as easy as applying a coat of lipstick.

We at Burgun and Williams provide comprehensive training and support to all our contact lens wearers.

Once you have decided that you would like to try contact lenses and the Optometrist has confirmed that your prescription is suitable, we will arrange for one of our trained staff members to teach you the art of safely putting in and removing your contacts as well as the importance of caring for them correctly.

A one off fee covers all training, as many trial lenses as needed to find the best type of lens for each individual as well as ongoing support and advice. Contact lens wear requires more care and effort than spectacles. Because contact lenses are worn in direct contact with the eye, they affect the way the eyes function, and, as a result, contact lens wear carries certain risks. These risks can be minimised by taking care of the lenses properly. By regularly cleaning your lenses, potentially harmful deposits will be removed. These lens deposits can cause irritation or discomfort, blurred vision, and may eventually cause significant eye problems such as corneal ulcers and loss of vision.

People wear contacts for a variety of reasons:

  • Contact lenses may give better vision than spectacles for some visual conditions.
  • Some people like a wider field of view as your side vision isn’t blocked by spectacles.
  • Contact lenses don’t fog up with changes of temperature
  • Many people wear contact lenses as they don’t like the look of glasses or find spectacles annoying.
  • Sports people and people who are involved in vigorous activities also find them convenient.

There are many varieties of contact lenses including disposables, daily wear, monthly wear, permanent and coloured cosmetic lenses.

Our experienced staff will ensure that you receive all the necessary information to ensure the best possible vision as well as the ongoing good health of your eyes.

Whatever the need, talk to our Optometrist about the range of possibilities that are available to you.

For further information on the extensive range of Contact Lenses available please click here.