Contact Lens


If your child has Myopia ( shortsightedness), you’re probably wondering if there is a cure? Or, at least something that can be done to slow it’s progression so your child doesn’t need stronger glasses year after year! What is Myopia Control? Although an outright cure for shortsightedness has not been discovered, Burgun & Brennan Optometrists […]

Coco Song Eyewear Collection

The exclusive Coco Song eyewear collection is homage to the golden age of Chinese culture and art. Originating from the desire to surprise with it’s use of unusual materials such as feathers, silk, and leaves encased in quality acetate. Every component of these Italian designed frames is hand-made down to the finest detail, meticulously chosen […]

PureVision 2 HD contacts

The high quality of vision you’ve been looking for in a contact lens! PureVision 2 HD contact lenses feature HD optics to help reduce the spherical aberrations that cause blurry vision, halos or glare. So now you can see your whole world in stunning HD. Available in most prescriptions including toric lenses. With Technology that […]

Optifog by Essilor

Everyone who wears glasses has experienced fogged-up lenses at one time or another! This can be irritating and often hazardous, problems can occur anywhere, always appearing with temperature change. * Moving from cold to hot environments * Indoor activities such as drinking hot beverages, eating hot food, boiling water or opening the dishwasher/oven. * Outdoor […]

Nike Outdoor Max Transitions

Available now, Nike Max Transitions are specifically designed to adapt to different athletic environments and changing light conditions. The Nike Max Transitions Outdoor Tint amplifies the visual spectrum found in natural environments. In low or mixed light conditions, important details like terrain and foliage are difficult to see. Whether adapting to harsh sun or brightening […]

Multifocal Contacts

Are you currently wearing Multifocal glasses? Did you know that you can get contact lenses to suit most prescriptions? Contact Lenses allow you to:- * Stay Active * Maintain freedom & flexibility * Keep a youthful appearance * Great alternative to wearing glasses We at Burgun & Brennan Optometrists provide comprehensive training and support to […]