At Burgun & Williams, we believe it’s our job to recommend what will benefit you most. With new lens technologies and stunning new frames from world-class suppliers, there are lots of reasons to claim new eye wear.

If your optical extras reset on 1st January, you can use them to claim on brand new prescription eyewear without wearing the full cost. So why not take a fresh look at your eyewear needs for the year ahead?

Here are some eyewear ideas to get you started:

  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Digital eyewear
  • Reading glasses
  • New fashion look
  • Spare everyday pair
  • Sports eyewear

Benefit from the latest technologies

Optometry is a technology rich industry, and each year we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest products available from around the world.

  • Lenses – not all spectacle and contact lenses are created equal. Our independence gives us the freedom to bring you the latest in lens advancements as soon as they’re available to ultimately offer you clearer, more comfortable vision.
  • Frames – We regularly hand-pick our eyewear collections from around the globe to provide you with frames of consistantly high-quality and in new colours, styles and shapes!
  • Diagnostic Equipment – We are always on the lookout for the latest diagnostic tools and research to help us see more and manage your eye health better than ever before.

Claim with ANY health fund

The great news is that we accept all health funds. If you’ve had your eyes checked recently, simply come in and let our team of experts help you choose the right eyewear to enhance you life.

Are you due for an eye examination?

We do more than just test eyes. We take the time to understand how you spend your time – at work, at home and in community. That’s because our eyewear solutions are highly personalised to your needs so that you can see clearly in every part of your life.

In our comprehensive eye exam, we take a 360 degree look at your eye health and your lifestyle as a whole.


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