Get the vintage vibe with rock star cool! Round metal frames have made a big comeback in the world of glasses! From clear to translucent tints to sunglasses and even metallic coatings. Customise you look to suit your own personal style & be iconic!


1 in 5 kids have an undetected vision problem! Could yours be one of them? Every parent wants to ensure their child sees every opportunity coming their way. But for a child to perform at their best, their eyes need to be working at their best as well. Did you know that vision is responsible […]


  At Burgun & Brennan, we believe it’s our job to recommend what will benefit you most. With new lens technologies and stunning new frames from world-class suppliers, there are lots of reasons to claim new eyewear. If your optical extras reset on 1st January, you can use them to claim on brand new prescription […]


If your child has Myopia ( shortsightedness), you’re probably wondering if there is a cure? Or, at least something that can be done to slow it’s progression so your child doesn’t need stronger glasses year after year! What is Myopia Control? Although an outright cure for shortsightedness has not been discovered, Burgun & Brennan Optometrists […]


The top trend in glasses at the moment are “Tortoiseshell”! Forget the old fashioned brown, there are so many colour palettes and patterns to match any skin tone or hair colour. Matched with clear crystal or transparent this ultra modern look from Dolce & Gabbana will have heads turning!